For PROFESSIONALS, LEADERS AND TEAMS who want to lead change.

  • Are you a PROFESSIONAL willing to evolve from JOB to meaningful CAREER?
  • Are you a LEADER willing to step-up from FRANTIC to GROUNDED?
  • Are you a TEAM willing to grow from FRAGMENTED to WHOLE?

Some testimonials to inspire you:

Melissa Ferguson, Senior Director, United States

“Thanks to the work I have done with Danny, I have developed two key resources:

  1. CONNECTING WITH MY EMOTIONS and learn to deal with them productively
  2. FINDING MY PURPOSE and live into it every day

This work has enabled me to go through tough personal situations and always find a bigger and better reward at the other side of the challenge.

I am “The Explorer who polishes diamonds”. I am creating an IMPACT at WORK and in my FAMILY. I am bringing personal development, HAPPINESS and JOY.

I feel I am a better LEADER, a better WIFE and a better MOM.”

Pablo Vera, Area Manager, Spain

“My experience with Daniel has been really TRANSFORMATIONAL. It has supported me in looking inside myself, to discover what I wanted, and with self-confidence, to establish a solid path to live into my LIFE PURPOSE.

I remember so well how I used to arrive to our conversations, drained from energy after an exhausting day at work. Working with Daniel, I always managed to find my purpose and to create a new source of LIBERATING ENERGY.

I have discovered my own “HERO’S JOURNEY” and what I want to do in this lifetime. Now I can clearly say that I have won my LIFE BACK, and that I am ENJOYING IT FULLY.”

Prisma collaborators, France

This is about my last mission as a Leader, where I worked as Managing Director.

These testimonials are the gift that my collaborators offered me on my leaving.

Tamara Ancaer, Coach & Technical Development, Belgium

“Danny’s coaching helped me get more clarity about who I want to be, how I want to express myself, and about the type of life I want to lead. As a result I am now more in touch with my creative side and exploring job opportunities which allow more flexibility, in terms of location and schedule, for my near or further future second career.
Danny did this by helping me believe in myself and my capabilities, and by helping me better understand my internal barriers/fears preventing me from moving into the desired direction.
Thank you Danny!”

“The Eagle that guides you over the mountains of life“, Supply Chain & Production Director, Spain

“…And finally the eagle flew. She opened her wings and FLEW, HIGH, VERY HIGH, till the past problems dissolved in the air, transforming into POSSIBILITIES FOR FURTHER GROWTH. Always living in the present, each moment, each instant. SAVOURING LIFE…”

Apolline Estienne, HR Director, France

“When I started working with you, I had a lot of prejudices about human relations and specially about myself. Gaining AWARENESS has been the first stage. This stage hasn’t been easy for me because it implies that I was my worst enemy. You have guided me to become the most important person in my life and to understand that TAKING CARE OF ME was indispensable.

I have learnt to devote time to myself, instead of giving away all of it to the rest of the people. I keep in mind this image of the oxygen mask falling: first I put on mine before running to help the others.

Now I am aware that I am a beautiful and valuable human being. This realization has impacted also the way others see me.

I am grateful for all the INSIGHT that you have made available for me. Thanks to those REALIZATIONS, now I am a new Apolline: STRONGER, SERENE and who is LOOKING LIFE IN THE EYE.


Lise Migeot, Managing Director, France

“When I started my work with Dani, I was satisfied with my life. I organized my agenda to work and to guarantee my role as a mother. There was a comforting side about the fact that everything was well known and predictable.

By CHALLENGING me and SUPPORTING me, Dani confronted me with my RESPONSIBILITY and my IMPACT in my environment.

After 6 months of working together, I am happy about the LIFE CHOICES I have made since. I have discovered my INNER LIGHT and that allows me to RESONATE WITH MY HEART, acknowledging my emotions. This is providing me a STABILITY and STRENGTH that are MIND BLOWING.

I take on bigger responsibilities with ease and with higher performance. I detect the risks better and I am able to create improvements in my own journey. My beloved ones see me as AUTHENTIC and they feel reassured and inspired by me.

MY LIFE HAS TRANSFORMED. I started my journey in my career domain, and as a by-product even my family life has improved as a result, with a COMMUNICATION that is more SERENE and CLEARER.”

Yves Back, Senior Consultant & Coach, Luxembourg

“When I first met Dani

He already was a great leader

Close to men and women

He inspired the vision and he insufflated the courage

When I have accompanied Dani

I have seen him experience the journey

The journey of personal transformation

I have seen him relentless

Exploring his lights and his shadows

Connecting with his vulnerability

And being born anew and powerful

I have seen him step by step

Deeply becoming who he is

The Sensei

In the oriental tradition

“Sensei” is he who has “walked the path”

The master, the guide, he who enlightens and share

Dani has developed his talent and transcended his art


With the soul of the master, he walks at your side


Rafael Mendivil, Purchase & Supplier Development, Germany

After a bad professional experience, I decided to start a process of PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT with Daniel.

At the beginning I didn’t have a clear direction. I didn’t know where to go. I wasn’t aware of my strengths.

During the process, I DISCOVERED MY STRENGTHS and my unique energies. I created self-confidence.

Thanks to this I OBTAINED WHAT I WANTED: the job position that I was longing for in Germany.

Thanks Daniel!

If you are like most people, your main fear is “rejection” and your main need is “to feel accepted”…


These individuals made a choice. How about you? What do you choose?


SPIRIT - To leave a legacy -

Giving you priority and committing to yourself.  Generously sharing your genius.

MIND - To learn -

Expanding your vision and perspective. Exploring with curiosity the inner you. Confronting your limiting beliefs.

BODY - To live -

Putting your learning into practice. Walking your path step by step: experimenting, falling down, getting up… and continuing.

HEART - To love -

Smiling from your heart at yourself, at life, and at others. Connecting to your emotions and transforming them into valuable resources.